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An Answer to Escalating Cybercrime – Meet Security & Intel Consultant Asher Ben Artzi

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Edited by: Fern Sidman

During the increasingly perilous times in which we live, the cases of major cyber attacks have skyrocketed in the last several years. As a result, individual personal data from company data bases have been stolen by foreign governments, espionage agencies and even domestic terrorists.

In order to counter this ever expanding cyber theft industry, one company in particular has stepped up the plate. Based in Israel, Black Wall Global is a digital cyber intelligence and cyber defense company. It provides governments, law enforcement agencies, security forces, and global enterprises with solutions for intelligence, cyber defense, border control and protection of critical infrastructure facilities and big data.

Being a world-scale, leading innovative company, Black Wall Global boasts a stellar team of leaders who have over 70 years of development, design, and implementation experience in a wide range of systems for land, sea, air, and security applications.

Moreover, Black Wall Global is a global provider of comprehensive and complete turnkey projects designed to meet the highest standards and challenges. Over the years, Black Wall Global has developed sophisticated countermeasures for preventing and detecting cyber attacks of all proportions.

The chairman of the Black Wall Global advisory board is Asher Ben Artzi. After serving for over 34 years in the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) and the Israel National Police force as the director of Interpol, Artzi is a retired Chief Superintendent. While serving with Interpol, Artzi was responsible for the Israeli Police attaches overseas and for the International Operations.

As Chief Superintendent and director of Interpol, Ben Artzi’s duties also included dealings with counter terrorism and organized crime, such as enforcing extraditions, criminal activities by Israeli citizens abroad as well as providing legal assistance for foreign police and intelligence agencies.

Ben Artzi also worked in tandem with prominent US security forces including the FBI, DEA and the Secret Service. He played a key role in overseeing the Israeli attaché in Washington and Los Angeles in addition to joining forces with European security agencies and others across the globe. Ben Artzi also represented the Israel Police to the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Patriarch in the state of Israel.

Subsequent to his retirement, Artzi continues to impact the security and intelligence field as the founder of the International Police & Security Consultants (IPSC) and as a Research Fellow at the Institute for Counter Terrorism in Israel (ICT). He also holds a seat on the board of directors of some prominent intelligence companies.

Artzi received his Masters degree in Administration from Haifa University and is a former lecturer in the Department of Public Security at the Nicosia Campus at Varna University.

Having received certificates of honor and appreciation from the United States Ambassador to Israel, Chief of the Cyprus National Guard, Chief of the Cyprus Police, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the director of the United States Secret Service, the director of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the NYPD Commissioner, the Commissioner of the Canadian Police (RCMP), and the Serious Organized Crime Agency of the United Kingdom (SOCA), Artzi is an internationally recognized and honored member of the global law enforcement community who has made extraordinary contributions to criminal deterrence. Moreover, Artzi was awarded a very special medal by the Minister of the Interior of Ukraine for his highly impressive work.

Also serving on the Black Wall Global senior advisory board is Arik Barbing.  Barbing is the founder and head of the cyber division and a senior official in the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet). His rank in the ISA  is equivalent to a Major-General in the IDF. Barbing’s unique field experience, combined with his command of the organization’s cyber division have made him a top expert on the fight against terror.

Black Wall Global’s chief executive officer is Anri Amir David. Mr. David is an international expert of the highest level on cyber Intelligence, critical infrastructure cyber security, counter-terrorism, as well as a chief advisor to governments around the world, international organizations and companies on numerous issues related to national & international security and intelligence. Mr. David also focuses on scientific and technological developments, emerging technologies, innovation and disruptive potential of new technologies, particularly on the issue on crime prevention, criminal justice and security.

Mr. David is an honorary fellow of the Russian International Academy of Technological Sciences as well as the leading scientific council on artificial intelligence and cyber security.

He also served as former General Secretariat SEA to the President of the International Cyber Police & European Center for Information Policy & Security.

According to a November 25, 2021 report on the RitzHerald.com web site, “during a panel discussion on Technology, Cybersecurity, and the Future of Global Politics at the Abu Dhabi Strategic Dialogue (ADSD) on Sunday, November 14, experts concluded that cyber security must be a collaborative effort as no one nation can manage to secure the global use of the internet. It is clear that the Emirati government is keen on communicating, coordinating, and working together with various government departments, the private sector, and other nations to ensure cyber security standards in the country.”

The RitzHerald.com web site also reported that Mr. David (who attended the conference) was quoted as saying regarding the panel discussion: “I will be happy to assist in promoting cyber awareness in the UAE and share views & ideas on our industry. I think that collaboration between the government and the private sector can be proven very fruitful in this field. I’m looking forward to the future and some exciting developments for my new company, Black Wall Global”.

Another Black Wall Global senior advisory board member is  Yaniv D. Zangilevitch. As a senior expert in the Homeland Security and Counter Terror Arena, Zangilevitch has vast experience in design to execution of integrated security projects in the Middle East and Latin America.

Black Wall Global’s advisor on cyber warfare is Lt. Colonel (Res.) David Rom. Rom formerly held the position of senior military commander in the cyber section of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and is a high ranking expert in cyber, intelligence, technology & electronic warfare for Israel’s Elite Forces.

Additionally, Mr. Rom is an expert in cyber crime, and a leader in cyber security warfare & intelligence products, services, and solutions.

As an advisor to the Industrial IoT & Cyber Security division of Black Wall Global, Vadim Podolny is a nuclear physicist and an industrial automation and industrial cybersecurity expert.

Mr. Polodony has worked in executive positions in large industrial and defense enterprises in Russia, such as the State Atomic Energy Corporation (ROSATOM), the State Corporation for Assistance to Development, Production and Export of Advanced Technology Industrial Product ROSTEC as well as the   Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, United Rocket and Space Corporation and Russian Railways.  Polodny was also the chief designer of software for automated control systems of Russian Nuclear Power Plants. He is an expert in the workings of the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and other related organizations.

Polodny is a graduate of the National Research Nuclear University. He also earned a Masters of Science degree at the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute and received a post-graduate degree from the Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plants Operation.

As part of the forensic investigations division of Black Wall Global, Alex Ranev is a digital forensic investigator and a certified expert witness for the Ministry of Justice of the State of Israel. He is also a certified arson investigator of the Israel Association of Arson and Fire Investigators. In the past, Alex was a forensic photographer and videographer at the Israel Border Police.

For further information please contact Asher Ben Artzi at: [email protected]. He can also be reached in Israel at: +972 505 664488. To contact Black Wall Global, please visit their web site at: blackwall.global. You can also e-mail them at: [email protected]. Their numbers in Israel are:  + 971 58 554 5777, +44 203 808 1848 & +852 580 320 20



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